IMG_4355LectureI personally am an off and on facial hair kinda guy, when I work with agents that have facial hair all I ask is that they keep it trimmed and cleaned up. I believe employers that frown upon facial hair fear agents won’t keep it trimmed enough or that the look won’t have that secret service appearance which most  want. In the end if you want to get the work you have to go by what your employer wants.

Do not:

  1. Forget about your neck
  2. Get artistic
  3. Think employer won’t notice if you skip a day of shaving
  4. Forget that food likes to hang in your facial hair
  5. Play with your facial hair/twirl your mustache, hands off

So it’s kinda looking like the easiest thing to do is not have it at all…..

I’ve been in the military for a while and because of that I really don’t like shaving everyday, or at all. I remember having to shave in the field when in the army and having to put on a fresh coat of cammi paint  right after. Absolutely hated that. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. People that hire us think of Kevin Costner and the Secret Service – clean cut, suits, high and tights- or low and stupid for those of you in the military. In the end, just get the work. At least you won’t have to put cammi paint back on after.

Just Sayin…JG