I’ve been sending guys into harm’s way since 2008 when I first started the company. From Marijuana Burns in the Sinaloa Region to Immigration Routes in Guatemala. This is not something I do easily and with a clear conscious. It takes me some time to decide on a couple of key factors and if the job is even feasible. I’ve turned down many details because the client wasn’t listening to what I had to say. Here are some of the key factors I consider when sending guys into Non-Permissive and Austere environments:

  1. Does the agent have to have a language capability?
  2. Does he look the part?
  3. What kind of Support do I have IVO the operation and how long will it take to mobilize?
  4. Should I let State Dept. know that we are there?
  5. Does my guy/team have cell phone coverage and does he need a SAT Phone?

These are just 5 of many factors a manager would have to consider. In the end we do a good area study, determine the threats and lead/plan thru Intelligence and historical atmospherics. Intelligence led, threat based all the way.

Regards, JG