These are the words I remember hearing as I muscled my way thru military training. As the training got more physically painful I was always looking for ways to make the pain go away, which in turn led to cutting corners which in turn led to getting caught which then turned into more suffering. The consequence was usually something like endless pushups or sprints to the surf zone. It was a lose, lose situation from the start. So the good news is I got physically hard. Those were the days!

Recently I was asked how I managed to navigate myself and my clients through  countless details in MX and South America without being armed. I tell them that sometimes we have armed agents in the detail but  mostly we rely on our training to keep me us out of a bad situation. If I find myself in a bad situation I’m going to have to rely on my physical fitness in a huge way. Short bursts of strength and definitly the endurance to get us out of there. When was the last time you got in an all out brawl? Or even just a one on one with somebody? 30 seconds of max effort in a one on one situation for the average man depletes about 40% of your stored energy, so you better make it count. And that’s just one guy. If you’re going to  be travelling the globe protecting your Principal(s) without a weapon in this day and age, you better have some skills under your belt…both on the combatives side and on the technical side.

Just saying, JG